Universal 6-Cyl ITB Set DCOE/DHLA bolt pattern
Universal 6-Cyl ITB Set DCOE/DHLA bolt pattern

Universal 6-Cyl ITB Set DCOE/DHLA bolt pattern

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Throttle Diameter
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Convert your car to Individual Throttle Bodies with a universal 4-cyl system. 

Easily adaptable to Standard Carburettor DCOE/DHLA bolt pattern to use existing manifolds. 

Spec: 40, 42mm and 45mm sizes available.


3x Twin-Throat Throttle Bodies

1x Master Lever

12x Balance Coupling

8x O-rings

1x TPS fitting adapter

Top Mount Throttle Linkage Mechanism Sold Separately. Please email us. 


  • All body and linkage parts are precision CNC machined from 6061 billet Aluminum

  • Center-less ground 12L14 steel shafts black oxide finish

  • High precision 7 Degree brass throttle plates

  • Sealed ball bearing shaft fitment for smooth reliable operation.

  • Standard DCOE /DHLA bolt pattern front and rear.

  • 24mm thickness, 90mm throat centers

  • O rings both sides for instant manifold seal no gaskets required

Top mount Universal Linkage Mechanism will attach directly to this master lever. The universal mechanism is configurable in many variations to suit many different vehicles. It will enable progressive opening movement to enhance light throttle control.

Most of our products are made-to-order before being shipped out.

This product is for off-road use only.

Redux Racing is not responsible for damage to your car or engine, or resultant injuries to persons.

Use at your own risk.

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smoother idle

By eliminating cylinder cross-talk, very aggressive cams can be run without low RPM stalling and with reduced lumpiness.

Instant throttle response

By giving the intake air a short and direct path into the chamber, the throttle response becomes lightning quick.

increased power

By allowing each cylinder to consume the same and maximum amount of air, your engine can be run at its optimum performance.

Engineered with precision.

Each model kit has undergone serious testing with proven results

BMW M50 / M52 ITB Kit
Designed with Intention

Every kit bolts directly on, no fabrication and no additional brackets required.

Easily assembled with basic hand tools, be up and running in a matter of hours.

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