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Mint !

These are great, clear instructions and Andreas specifically was really helpful when i had questions.

Dreams do come true

Great product, design, functionality and customer service. Running ITbs alongside a GT35r making all the noises and power, loving it.

Very good customer service.

Andreas helped me with working out what I needed for my bmw to install the ITBs

BMW M30 swapped E30

Got my intake a long time ago when I did the swap originally.

I've been driving it for about 4 years now and havent had an issue with the ITB kit at all.

My car wouldnt be complete without it. It goes very well for its age, not quite modern quick, but for a 36 year old car its more than enough.


Got an intake for my E36. Got a lot more power but the sound is what its about.


The ITBs are nice, but the carbon plenum didnt fit on my BMW 2002tii as it hits the brake booster. Will return the plenum and run open trumpets only.

Holden Commodore LS3

I'm very happy with the results. I love driving this car and giving it a boot just to hear the noise.
The car made an additional 30+whp, was already tuned previously.

I bought the LS3 ITB Kit with the Drive-By-Wire Module. The inlet filters do take some of the power so I like to take them out for shows and events.

Really impressive 40hp power gains and good service.

I bought an ITB Kit for my E21 with a stroked M20 2.8L motor fitted. My car had a 40bhp incease with the ITBs fitted now producing 268bhp. The kit is great and fitted perfectly. The only criticism is the little dimple in the top of the carbon airbox didn't fit my strut brace so I found a different one that worked.

The E21 Started live as a 323i 143bhp then we added hotter cam better breathing to get up to 170bhp.

A few years later fitted a m20 b2.5 from an e30 in there that we tuned to 200bhp but wanted more so that motor then got stroked out to a 2.8 using the crank from a e36 328i with a schrick 286 cam and stand alone ecu it was producing 230bhp.

It was great running hard on track but a bit lumpy on the road as we had binned the airflow meter when we went standalone. It wasn't great on a light throttle so the ITB'S were what it needed all along to get the fueling dialed in. Its so sharp, the throttle response is something else and now its fast as hell!

BMW m20 ITB kit

Love the build quality and everything came as it should have and fits perfectly!

BMW M50 Intake

My car made 316 WHP its lexus 87.5 pistons and catcams cams 284-272.

Very good service. Amazing product

Very good service.amazing individual throttle body kit for my ls3.
Daniel from Québec. Canada.

Yes to the flywheel!

It made a big difference to my E46. It feels much nicer to drive. Not like a granny any more.

M20 ITBs

First off, I just want to say customer service is phenomenal! I had a few questions about the full itb kit for my E34 m20 and Andreas help me out so much. Ended up getting the partial kit which suited my build perfect. Everything came packaged very well! I couldn't be happier with the ibt kit and the help I received from Andreas.


The kits installed and works great. My bmw e30 with an m20 made 180whp with cams and a stand-alone, on 91 octane.


Perfectly bolted on to my m10b18i e30 engine in my e21! Amazing throttle response! M20 clutch is a great addition as well, would recommended to each and all of you.

Great ITB System

When I received my system, I was very surprised how nice it was. The best thing about this system is that it works with my factory ECM and sensors which required very little wiring change. I received very good support when it came to installing and tuning the system the guys constantly kept in touch with me until I was up and running. For a show car this system looks and runs great. It will be hard to find a better ITB system for that price and support.


Recently installed these throttle bodies on my M30b35 E28( which the whole assembly is featured on my youtube, @m3nameisjosh) and they have transformed my engine. The sound is intoxicating, it is a riot to drive, and install was fairly straight forward. Very high quality kit. YouTube video placeholder
Exellent!!! Just Great

It changed my cars driveability all together, better response, everything is easy to install and high Quality!!
The cars engine keeps on giving now.
Great team as well, Thanks Redux

Very high quality.

The parts and everything look to be very high quality so far. I have not had a chance to assemble the kit yet because I have been taken up with other projects. As sim as I get it assembled and in the car I will leave another review.